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Fog Zero

Fog Zero

Originally the Fogzero team developed a long lasting high performance Xtreme Antifog compound used exclusively to clean and polish plastics and glass as well as eliminate the fog factor on police riot visors, sub surface diving masks, and various types of breathing apparatus.

With the growing demand for Xtreme antifog in many sporting, recreational, and industrial environments we are now making teh Fogzero family available to the general public.

It's the one and only Xtreme antifog and teh science is simple.  Reduce surface tension and you stop fog before it starts.  Using the latest in micro polymerization technology we have fused together the longest lasting surace tension reducing agents with powerful antistatic formula suspending these in a concentrated paste compound.

The result... Fogzero, champion of the antifogs.

Hockey Helmets, Cages, & Shields