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The Ultimate Hockey Fan
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It solves sports-equipment storage problems once and for all. ORGANIZES. With a perch for the helmet, gloves, shoulder pads and virtually every piece of hockey or other sports equipment outfit. Everything stays in one place and the UHF stands neatly near a wall or in a corner. Come time for practice, a player is less likely to forget an important piece of the uniform or equipment. DRIES. The UHF dries as it keeps sports gear organized. The UHF allows air to gently circulate through every piece of equipment it holds to be dried, thus reducing the chance that mold, mildew, bacteria or stale odor will form. DEODORIZES. The UHF deodorizes, thanks to the replaceable scent element that keeps uniforms and protective gear smelling fresh and clean. Proper drying and storage can extend the useful life of that expensive sports equipment and protect your investment. The “Ultimate Hockey Fan™” is constructed of virtually indestructible PVC plastic, will not rust and is mold and mildew resistant. The UHF is lightweight and easily assembled and disassembled for travel. The UHF is revolutionizing the way families keep their spots gear controlled because it makes life easier for parents and players alike.