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Bauer NEXUS 1000 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates
Our Price: $599.99
Reg. Price: $799.99
Senior Skates

Nexus 1000 Ultra Light Quarter- NEXUS 1000 utilizes an ultra light quarter package that provides the player with an “easy load” on every stride for efficient energy transfer and fast acceleration. The straight wall construction allows the player to exert maximum power while absorbing and managing energy transfer to the skater resulting in a smooth and efficient stride. Ultra Thick Pro Felt Tongue- Ultra thick pro felt tongue with molded metatarsal guard, provides maximum comfort and protection from lace bite. Deep V Heel Fit- NEXUS offers a “DEEP V” heel fit that locks the player’s heel in place to ensure the skate reacts to the player’s every movement the way they intend. With BAUER’s deepest fit, players will experience quicker take off speed, increased power and maximum comfort. TUUK LS Fusion Blade- Revolutionary runner design fusing the strength and performance of our elite stainless steel with high grade aluminum, reducing the weight of the runner by 27%.