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Hockey Sled

Hockey Sled

 HockeySled, Inc. was founded with the vision of providing innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective, On & Off ice training solutions. Our staff at HockeySled LLC has over 100+ years of experience in the game of hockey, from playing, coaching and training on all aspects of the game. We are very passionate about the game of hockey and started HockeySled LLC to give back to the game that we love. Our training solutions are focused to build the power stride muscles for hockey players providing them with a new and innovative On & Off ice training solutions. The HockeySled was built with one mission in mind, to give all hockey players, no matter their age or skill level, the training device to take their game to the next level!

The HockeySled is our flagship product. It was invented, designed and manufactured all in Hockeytown (Detroit, MI). It is the

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