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Miken Hockey Warranty


Please contact Miken Sports at 877-807-5291 for return authorization.
This high performance Miken hockey product is covered for a period of 30 days from date of purchase by a company-direct, limited warranty against ANY manufacturer’s defect only.
This warranty covers damage caused through the course of normal use. It excludes any damage caused by abuse, exposure to an open flame, overheating. Warranty coverage will be determined exclusively by Miken Sports.
For a return authorization in the United States only, click here. Miken sticks are not to be returned to any retailer for warranty purposes in the United States. Professional, CHL and College Teams Sales are excluded from this warranty. Please see your dealer for complete warranty criteria.
IN CANADA, for a return authorization number, please call Miken Canada at 1-800-741-7205. For further information see our website, or contact your local dealer for Canadian warranty criteria.
WARNING: Always check to make sure stick is in good condition. Using a cut or dented shaft may result in shaft breakage which could cause injury.
WARNING: Do not apply flame to shaft. Use hot air gun. Overheating will damage shaft.
HOCKEY STICK RETURN POLICY: To resolve an issue of a manufacturer’s defect, this stick must be mailed by the consumer directly to the manufacturer.