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Skate Fenders

Skate Fenders

Message from the Inventor:
I've been playing hockey for 57 years and counting. I have no intention of stopping. Hockey is just too much fun. It is simply the greatest game ever!
Hockey is also a high speed, contact sport. Those of us that play know that it can be a painful sport if you are not wearing good protective equipment. And I've been waiting for over 40 years for someone to offer a product to protect my feet from low, fast flying pucks...

I finally got tired of waiting and came up with my own invention to protect the feet. I patented my idea and presented it to all the equipment companies I could think of, but none of them wanted to get involved or seemed to share my belief in the need for such protection.
I guess they just didn't feel my pain! So, with the encouragement of many other players (including staff of the Detroit Red Wings) I decided to make them myself

The result is Skate Fenders.
Although we amat

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